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Art Gallery


The Quogue Library maintains a state-of-the-art Art Gallery designed exclusively to display works of art. The Gallery is an integral part of the library, adding another dimension to it as the cultural center of Quogue. The exhibits are initiated and developed by the Art Gallery Committee representing new concepts and trends in painting, photography and sculpture with monthly exhibits by prominent local and East End artists.

The works include a rich variety of medium, genre and techniques that are enlightening, thought provoking and occasionally cutting edge. Special projects include Art and Design Lectures presented by well-known authorities and collaborating exhibits with other community non-profit organizations including the Westhampton Garden Club, the Peconic Land Trust, the East End Arts Council, the East Quogue Association, the Bays Artists Alliance and others.

Artists exhibiting with us agree to donate to the Library 20% of the proceeds resulting from the sale of their works on exhibit to help sustain the costs of maintaining the Library.

For more information: J. Lescio, Quogue Library, 90 Quogue Street, PO Box 5036, Quogue, New York 11959, 631-653-4224 ext. 3

July 2015art
Laurel Sucsy – “Intervals of Color”
Reception: Thursday, July 2, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Laurel Sucsy’s painting is rooted in the landscape. Time spent on the beach, as well as the rocky terrain of New England, and recently the muddy shores of the Mississippi, inspires her relationship with her environment.

Within the language of abstraction she tests the limits of perception and its tenuous connection to sense of place. Sucsy describes painting as a way of thinking. Her paintings, composed of straightforward shapes and luminous color, hover between abstraction and spatial illusion. Her works revolve around the activity of painting but move beyond to evoke dislocation and relocation.

Forms, shapes and colors appear in unanticipated positions and are rediscovered. Each painting offers its own sense of time and presents the viewer with an experience of discovery, an experience that can be likened to time spent wandering and exploring nature. Sucsy has exhibited throughout the country including solo shows at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY and the Medicine Factory in Memphis, TN. She recently curated and participated in the abstract painting exhibition, “Between the Eyes” at Crosstown Arts Gallery in Memphis. Sucsy lives in Memphis, where she teaches painting, and Quogue, where she spends summers with her family. Art Gallery Committee members Judy McDermott and Missy Lynch are chairs of this show, which will be on display from July 1 to 30.

August 2015
Claudia Baez - "The Guermantes Way: Flowers"
Reception: Saturday, August 1, 5-6:30 p.m.

baezClaudia Baez was born in Mexico City and from the age of 9 studied painting with Robin Bond. Bond's teachings of spontaneity, his trust in individual flights of inspiration, and his faith in the intrinsic value of expression are, to this day, the most inspirational the artist has known.

Baez was influenced by the German Expressionists and her focus is on deformation, the power of subject and the life of colors. The artist has internalized Kandinsky's metaphor: "Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, the soul is the piano with the strings."
After studying film at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, she came to New York City, finished her studies at Columbia University and worked with Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese, Robert Benton and Michael Hausman on different film projects. Her passion for portrait painting began in 2002 and yielded 150 portraits in five years.

In her most recent series, "Paintings after Proust" (2013-2014), Baez engages in a conversation in paint with the work of some of the greatest artists from the past six centuries. The artist was inspired by her longtime admiration of Proust and his monumental work, "In Search of Lost Time," in which he mentions more than 100 artists and references a great many of their works.

Claudia Baez has followed her Proust series with a group of tightly cropped, richly textured, atmospheric paintings of flowers. She paints without painstaking detail, always in search of gesture for its own sake. As in "In Search of Lost Time," the artist hopes these flowers will evoke lost memories in her viewers.

Baez has had many solo and group exhibitions of her work both in Mexico City and New York and is represented in several private collections. The artist is represented by ART 3 Gallery in Brooklyn.

Art Gallery Committee members Lulie Morrisey and Cristina Kepner are chairs of this show which will be on exhibit from August 1 to 30.

September - Fulvio Massi - “On The Wall”
Reception: Thursday, September 3, 5-6:30 p.m.
Born in Trieste, Italy, Fulvio Massi moved at an early age to Milan, where he completed his degree in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan. A graphic designer as well as a painter, he moved in 2000 to the U.S. and has lived and worked in Bridgehampton since 2007.

art“My paintings proceed from sensations,” the artist says. “They have various entrances and exits, multiple centers and orientations. Different scales of spatial grids simultaneously co-exist. As the painting process develops, fragments of these diagrams that were buried and often concealed, forgotten under layers of paint, sometimes reemerge by removing and scraping the painted surface. Grafted on these traces are present markers of all kinds, singular figurative and abstract elements assembled in unanticipated arrangements.” Mr. Massi thinks of his painting as “a stratification of events, a representation of time, an accumulation of different temporalities characterized by swift accelerations, sudden arrest and abrupt discontinuities evoking the ebb and flow of life.” He has exhibited extensively on the East End, including at Kathryn Markel, the Parrish Art Museum, Silas Marder Gallery, Southampton Cultural Center, Spanierman Gallery and Ashawagh Hall.

This exhibition will feature a selection of Mr. Massi’s work from the last three years, executed in acrylic, pastel, graphite and paper on canvas. Art Gallery Committee members Lulie Morrisey and Christy Murray are chairs of this show, which will be on display from September 1 to 28.

The Art Gallery Committee – A Profile

The Art Gallery Committee is comprised of nine dedicated volunteers residing in Quogue. They are all very knowledgeable about the art world; one is a Quogue Library Trustee, and four are accomplished artists well known on the East End:

Lucinda E. Morrisey, Chair
Cristina Kepner, Treasurer*
Doreen Ceglia, Secretary
Lynn Crowe
Jered Lynch
Judith McDermott

Betsy McMahon
Christy Murray
Elizabeth Platé

Christine Clifton, Library Director, is an ex-officio member of the committee. J. Lescio, Library Development Coordinator, assists the committee on Public Relations.

Artists are selected for exhibits as a result of the committee’s research of museums, galleries and other venues on the East End as well as from individuals requesting an exhibit at the Gallery.

*Trustees of the Quogue Library


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